I know, I know. The name for this blog is a little unruly: Adventures of an Agnostic and Mostly Religious (Though Not Spiritual) Mormon. There were shorter options, like simply “Agnostic Mormon,” but it didn’t quite capture the…unique…position that I’m in.

  1. I’m agnostic because I don’t know if God exists, and I’ve decided not to put too much energy into finding out. We’ll get into the why at some other time.
  2. I’m religious because I attend the same church every single week. Every. Single. Week. Not only that, I play the piano when we sing hymns and I teach the youth Sunday School. Every. Single. Week.
  3. And yet, I’m not spiritual. I hardly pray anymore, not because I don’t see benefits in the practice, but because I’ve never received “an answer” and I’ve learned to handle my stress in much healthier ways (i.e. binge Netflix-ing and pretending everything is just fine).

I’ve started this blog for the main purpose of cataloguing what has been a very gradual transition from conservatism and orthodoxy to liberalism and a “Jack Mormon” status – and the implications. But another reason is to explore agnosticism, humanism, and secularism while remaining an active member of a demanding faith tradition.



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